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I figured I would upload pictures while I still have an internet connection in Nanjing, because I know I would take forever to get around to doing so when I'm back in the US otherwise. I really should be sleeping now though, but I figure I have a 5-hour bus ride up to Huangshan on which I can nap, so here we go~

day one

tour on the river. all I remember was brilliant lights, song and dance and the world warping as I tried to stay awake at seven in the evening. I was pretty fucked up on jetlag ;_;

where people came to take their imperial exams. i think.

day two

nanjing train station, heading out to zhenjiang.

damn china's transport system has transformed in a blink of an eye jfc this bullet train is cheap and awesome *_*

we're going temple-touring and pagoda-climbing. i sneezed a lot, because, hello, hugeass sticks on incense.

guan yin pu sa and idk, a sea of demons? little gods? I forgot.

if you donate to the temple you get a little golden buddha embedded in a wall, or the golden cone three pictures up with the monks.

little windows containing stories on the outside wall of the temple.

trying to get lucky

at getting some money in the beast's mouth

like wings.

getting higher.

can you believe that those stairs were actually two-way sometimes?

the spring bubbled!


it was so peaceful.

next stop: the pagoda in the distance.

another temple, filled with stone inscriptions.

a bamboo garden. we also ended up following a taiwanese guide around, he was funny.

we didn't get to climb this one

but it was pretty to look at.

the climb down was better.

the yangtze river in the distance.

ok 5AM got to fucking run for the hills MOUNTAIN!!!
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