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I get the feeling that this is either gonna be a really skimpy concert report, or a really rambly one. I'm totally the type who gets lost in the pure emotion of a moment and remember the most random details or none at all /o\ Let it be know I'm really bad at spotting shippy moments, and make remarks like a pervy ten yo boy. This is why there are fancams out there >) Also expect hairgasms. I'm sure I'm going to reread this in a year and facepalm like crazy and probably attempt to delete it from the universe but whatever makes me happy now I will enjoy it :D

Seriously, I don't know how to write this at all. Maybe you should read Gem's more concise and organized post. She has embedded picture and fancams, while I'm just gonna be a lazy ass and link.

Let me just first say that China fangirls are crazy, batshit insane. We get out of the metro station to a really crowded plaza with booths hawking fanmade merch, photographs, lightsticks etc. There were so many people, like probably about ten times more than the scene at JYJ Shanghai ;_; There's a really skinny girl ahead of us cosplaying Lady HeeHee, her blond wig is distracting and she talks in such a prissy way, omg. We get our first hint of how Heechul biased China is when I try to get a lightstick in his name -- the girls are like dudeeee Heechul's sold out hours ago! I get one with Sungmin's name instead, idk why I did because I can't read Hangul anyway but then Gem, Bren and I got an awesome threesome going, so it was plenty fine. I wish I had taken a picture of the crazy, but it you would probably only be able to see the top of people's heads and nothing else.

We get in, and the Nanjing Olympic Indoor Stadium is huge and practically all the seats are filled. Chinese fans have amazing organizational powers, because girls were giving out their fanclub banners and stuff before the concert began and all that jazz. Another reiteration of how China fangirls are crazy - whenever someone held up a Hanchul fanboard or manip the stadium would go bonkers with oooh and ahhhs. Based on the number of lit banners they had, China likes Heechul, Yesung, Kyuhyun and Siwon a lot.

When the lights finally go out the stadium is this sea of brilliant blue -- I love them damn fangirls when it comes to things like this. The concert starts with Sorry, Sorry and tbh all I remember about the number is Donghae being lifted into the air from the circle of light like a god, although I question - why him? Why not Siwon? /smacked it was kind of like homin at SMTown but without the long legs /smacked more. He goes down and the circle of light, which is actually a stage prop of a ring of LED screens, is lifted to reveal other members of suju on their knees, and obviously I have comment about them boys being on their knees, shush. My sense of humour is ten years old, get it. People like Sungmin and Siwon pop out from underground, and I promptly want to set fire to Sungmin's tragic little ponytail. I wore my hair that way when I was four. Well it does, however, help me spot Sungmin amongst ten boys so all is good :3 Shindong pops out in front of our section. I remember finding it odd that Shindong is walking down the stairs while the other members are walking towards the center stage.

Super Junior pops and locks, stalks across the stage slowly to create ~*sizzling tension*~ lol here I need to mention that Eunhyuk and Donghae are the most amazing dancers to watch \o/ Their footwork, dammit *_____* Sungmin is unf, Siwon makes the best >| faces, Heechul smirks and smirks and smirks like a creeper, Yesung is as Gem described, an awkwardfest of limbs.

They're at the main stage when Sorry, Sorry ends and there's a frantic member swop going on -- here is kind of where I flip my shit because HENRY!!! ZHOUMI!! Super Girl comes on. I still think that Super Junior took the choreography for this song and made it more awesome based on sheer strength of numbers (the addition of less skinny members = beef ok) and variety in formations. Not that the original wasn't awesome, but surely when you have more hot people life is better y/y? God, the chest pops and stalking down towards center stage *_* Also, Zhoumi dances like a bag of flailing sticks lolol I also sadface a lot when Eunhyuk pops out at end stage, far away from us, in what can only be a ~blingbling~ costume and raps the hell out of this song. They need to release a remix for Super Girl already ;_;

Nugh, Don't Don. Sungmin is a BAMF :| and they did what they did in SMTown except with Zhoumi and Henry. Okay. So. This. Jesus fucking christ on a pongo stick. Zhoumi dressed in black, singing and rapping to Don't Don, headbanging as Heechul tries to take out the drums (sans his amazing SMTown Don't Don hair). Henry got his spotlight stolen for real. lmfao it was so great ;_;

Sungmin and Eeteuk are hauled into the air for No Other, and Kyuhyun almost falls over when the floor starts rotating (he was oddly out of it). Teukmin scatter sparkly blue confetti and other paper confetti gets shot up from below and damn it is so pretty \o/ Sungmin pretends to be a clockwork doll like the pretty boy he is ;alksdjasd makes me want to smack him silly from the sheer cute augh ♥ Teuk is a spazz and manages to lose a few of his balloons (and who knows what else)

Then comes the member introductions, which is a whole lot of what the flying fuck with crazy headgear and flasher trenchcoats. Why are they like this ;~; Sungmin, Donghae, Ryeowook, Eunhyuk running amok, having their heads bashed in by fellow members throughout the Korean version of Confession -- which was really odd since I'm so used to hearing it in Chinese ._. but the dorkery and cute, a;lskdja;slkdja;lskjd super junior this is why I love you so much.

Then they did Good Person, which was okay but I don't remember much... I think Eeteuk got bunch of pillows thrown at him, and he lay down on the stage to take a nap, yea we all know that boy needs sleep, ahaha dork. Rokkugo was next! Heechul picked up this hugeass manjuu pillow and shoved it in front of his face for his line, Sungmin unrolled a fangift, pocketed the card/letter that came with it (here is where I get ridiculously jealous -- getting letters and gifts to these kpop idols seem like such a cakewalk) and drapes the pink-with-white-polka-dots cow towel over his head for Rokkugo. Shindong is on stage with his arm in a sling and the members crowd him with concern :D (in the fancams he punches Sungmin in the gut)

Okay, after all that insanity, Ryeowook gets his solo with Sungmin on the guitar. In my opinion, it's the best version of One Fine Spring Day I've heard because the acoustic guitar is a light touch on the serious song and, no, it is not just because my bias playing it. Shut up. I spy Sungmin in tight black, ripped up pants.

Kyuhyun's solo was pretty amazing, I'm not as familiar with the song as some people are (I'm really not an oldies person) but he gets really loud towards the end (man this boy has some pair of lungs) and he seems to cry, or wipe sweat off his face, idk.

Sungmin's solo. How is he such a huge slut, idefk, my brain exploded from the hot ._. I'm trying to keep from keysmashing the fuck out of this post but it's not working so well you see :D DAMN BOY, WORK IT. That's why he was wearing those ripped up jeans \o/ Black silk shirt \\o// Opening of said silk shirt to reveal nicely toned torso *____________________* dude those bitches had their hands all over him. My brain went something like HANDS NIPPLES NAVEL LIPS before I gave up and started screaming etcetc. I shall not bore you further. His tattoo, nurghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I want to know exactly what's written there, I want to do lots of things...

Next, it's Siwon's solo like the fandom brain bleach or something. My brain takes a well needed breather.

I wanna love you, yes I do, what the flying fuck eunhae, why are you so hot and when did I start shipping them idefk, fml. Sorry I've got to say this, it's like Pin but Eunhae puts out. With a girl. Fuck yesssssss. At the start of the song the backdrop hadn't changed from Siwon's frosted church windows, and Eunhyuk's on stage shimmying up to a girl in a red corset top and black hot pants and really hot boots. I lol-ed really hard. Donghae comes out and I'm driven to distraction because hell, the way this boy dances, he has wings for feet! Or at least a pair of really bouncy springs. Such a joy to watch. He looks so fine in black dress pants and a collared shirt I want him to stay in them forever :( Just kidding, TAKE THEM OFF!!! Eunhyuk ripped his wifebeater from under his jacket in such a slick way I laughed.

I think laughing is how I prevent my brain from breaking y/y?

Super Junior T's crazy video's up next. Siwon cameos, and they have super powers. Shindong's the food monster, turning everything he touches into food, literally (stop me from cracking a lame joke about delicious manflesh -- okay I went there. you can judge me now /o/) Super Junior T (sans Shindong, unfortunately) come out of the ground with their sparkly trot jackets thrown over their next stage outfit, which sadly makes them look like the Monster of Glitter threw up on them because of the ~come hither~ looks they were sending its way. Especially Sungmin. Heechul's wearing his Boom Boom fishnet shirt underneath his jacket and it's like a fashion tragedy. But despite that, they all have cocksure expressions on their faces while mimicking knocking on someone's door. Heechul's sparkly bow is relocated from his neck to his forehead (oh hey I just realized Eunhyuk and Heechul have the same floppy blond cut right now) and, [ profile] girlearthless listen up, Eeteuk has a sparkly hairclip in his hair \o/ and a fractured finger, idek, it would be funnier in a morbid way if it were his third finger but w/e. Donghae cheats on singing his line by screaming WO AI NI!!! to the fans and Heechul screams idefk what. He really does not speak anything but Korean well, okay. MOVING ON~

You&I and Song For You were just excuses for the boys to romp around the stage and be cute with each other, okay. SJT strips off their sparkles and idk, it because SJH fashion or something like that. Sungmin held Shindong's hand and walked by us and we flailed. Eunhyuk came and worshipped our section on his knees, we screamed like madwomen. I'm pretty sure it was Heechul who picked up the Eunhae manip and passed it around. He picked up a hanchul one earlier I suspect, because the fangirls flipped their shit. I'll let some gifs do the talking here, I'm tired. Just kidding. Yesung and Eunhae have a mutually abusive relationship (evidence here and if you watch the fancam of COOKING? COOKING!). Sungmin is an energizer bunny, lol.

Okay, so I did not expect what was coming next. This tall, skinny asian dude wearing Lady Gaga shades (that should have been my first and final hint) pops out on center stage with a handful of dancers and starts singing in this auto-tuned voice and flailing like the world would end if he didn't. Zhoumi o_________o this is a good reaction, okay. I laughed a lot, and screamed so much I probably pissed off the girls sitting in front of us. Oh, Zhoumi, what can I say. *dramatic sigh* I find out later he did a song by Elva -- and burst into more giggles because Elva was like the dance queen (who, imo, had a bimbotic image) during my high school years. Ah-ha-ha.


SHAKE IT U-U-U-UP~ my favourite remix ever. Excuse me while I dedicate a minute to expressing my love for Heechul's hair *_________________* hot as fuck, all swept up and away from his face. Badass eyeliner. He's the only one in red pants lolololololol this guy, I love him so fucking much, it's ridiculous. Sungmin's in his see through shirt, I rejoice. I don't notice anybody else, except at some point Siwon's srzbznz face, which makes me crack up.

I think Gem and Bren were screaming KNOCK OUT!!! during TWINS so loudly the girl in front of us turned to glare lmao idk she did that often, like whenever I chose to demonstrate how loud I could get. I flailed a lot at the sheer hot and also went wow, I didn't know the dance moves for this song were so freaking complicated. I loved watching the old videos where Heechul jumps forward like a angry cat being flung at your face, smirking with a fury. There's a dance break that reminds me of After School's Bang in the middle, and I'll stop repeating myself abotu how ridiculously good Eunhyuk is :D Heechul was at the front, which also made it entertaining to watch because he stood out - red pants, blond hair that standing up, long limbs, slightly flaily - he was good tho ♥ People who say Heechul can't dance should watch him in TWINS, but I don't think anyone doubts his ability after he did all those girl dances~

Hate U Love U was pretty, slow songs were pretty, I don't have much to say about them except that I enjoyed them and was in bliss :)

Kangin is not dead guys. Why the fuck did they have to hold a "concert" in his honour (and Donghae is playing that flute all wrong!!!) and have his ghostly apparition appear on screens to stroke the members' head I will never know ahaha. I mean, it was pretty and all, but wtf. Apparently the fangirls a row ahead of us were sobbing. Gem would later say that these fangirls would cry for Kangin but stay in their seats for a high energy number like Bonamana. (OK so this is why SMTown LA rocked, because everyone was up and jumping like the proper-deprived-excited-to-see-their-idols-for-the-first-time fangirls they were)

Yesung's solo is amazing! I love the song, I love his voice. Everybody held up the banners they were given except us I think, cos I think we forgot, lolol tbh I felt silly waving a piece of paper and they got in my way of enjoying the show if people held them up above their heads (just hold it at your chest, woman) but maybe if I cared more it wouldn't be the same. I just have different ways of showing my love. Like shouting "YOU'RE SO HOT" in Korean at the boys. Yesung looked pleased and happy to see so many signs up, I'm sure :D

Bonamana, A Man In Love, U I think I shrieked my brains out. Don't remember much except boys being hot. Heechul and Kyuhyun were to our far left and I spied them canoodling with each other while sharing a pair of blue mittens. Cute. I think Siwon took his shirt off, but he was all the way at end stage so boo :( and someone always makes it a point to pass another to him really quickly. Hey if you worked out show it off, dammit. I might have been yelling for people like Eunhyuk to take his off. I also forgot to yell at Teuk to keep his shirt on, oh snap.

Dancing Out was an Eunhae fest! Again, read Gem's post. Yes, I did make that comment about Eunhyuk's stamina. Eunhyuk goes batshit. I don't know where he learned it from, but he goes from rock pit to rock pit armed with bottles of water -- opens one, takes a drink, sprays it all over the fangirls, ruins the poor plastic bottle, tosses it to the masses like a maniac. While he's doing that, Donghae kisses the hands of fangirls and reads a card that gets handed to him, fakes giving it back to the fangirl but changes his mind last minute and pockets it with a flourish like the casanova he is. I don't even know where Sungmin is right now, not in my section, that's where. Heechul comes around, fangirls flip their shit. He sneaks up on Eunhyuk, who's jizzing all over the fangirls again, and dumps water down his neck. Eunhyuk flees, obviously. Heechul then proceeds to take another bottle of water out from his pant pocket (HOW DOES HE FIT THINGS IN THERE, I DON'T KNOW) take a graceful sip, bend over and pass it to a fangirl politely. It's like he has to prove that he can be a gentleman in the face of Eunhyuk's crazy.

oh god why am I not done yet.

So. COOKING? COOKING! Sungmin is the cutest pumpkin ever -- I don't know how he does it -- he's probably wearing the fattest vegetable costume of them all but somehow, in that so-cute-I-want-to-smack-your-face-in way, he puffs his pumpkin chest out and manages to make it ADORABLE. He was the physical embodiment of ~*~*I am a PUMPKIN!*~*~ with rainbows and marqueeing, blinking text thrown in. jesus christ. Eunhyuk bounced while the rest of them plodded onto stage. Let it be know I will never look at beansprouts the same way? Gem will probably say to me one day "bouncy towkay" and I will laugh myself to death. Donghae looked like he was gonna cry because he was a fat onion. Heechul looked like he should, hot chilli pepper idek the innuendo here. Siwon looked uncomfortable in his carrot suit. Yesung was such a boy in his broccoli suit, armed with a baby bottle soft toy, which he shoved in Donghae's face, got kicked in the arse by Eunhyuk as retribution, proceeded to attack Eunhyuk's face with it to Donghae's angry, disapproving stare. LMAO CAN YOU TELL WHEN MY BRAIN REMEMBERS THE DETAILS NOW. idefk what Kyuhyun is but he rejects Sungmin's offering of a mini-pumpkin, whips his ass with it, Sungmin turns to Siwon, who is like, I AM A CARROT, WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME :| I'm pretty sure Sungmin bounced off Siwon, lololololol. I don't know how I managed to keep and eye on Eunhyuk and Sungmin at the same time, but I did. Hyuk's the only one who bothered with the dance moves of the song, love that boy ♥ He's also like Super Junior's most abused member, really. Go watch that fancam of him being attacked by vegetable suits over at Gem's post. Watch the fancam if you feel like it lol

You Are The One, also known at the song during which Eunhyuk is permanently distracted from life by a toy car as spastic as he is. Trust me this is worth watching, and possibly one of the highlights of the concert. Meanwhile I love the cut of Eunhyuk's shirt, his sparkly pants, and his boots. I want them. I also want the toy car, or a spazzy little Eunhyuk. The toy is like an overexcited puppy on a sugar high, which also describes Eunhyuk. He only picks up the damn toy to sing his sad, emotional line in You Are The One, which I presume is about the one and only love of somebody's life, clings to it even when Sungmin comes over to give him a hug (resulting in this really awkward, wide-armed hug in which Eunhyuk seemed reluctant) before he walks up to the main stage, sets the toy down and continues to play with it. That's some devotion for you right there. Teuk finishes up his thank you speech and they have to leave the stage but Hyuk continues to play with the toy, until Yesung decides to be an ass. Heechul and Eunhyuk exchange a significant look+smirk which set the hyukchul shipper in me off thinking about better things they could be doing backstage --- ahem.

The time of the encore finally rolls around :(((((( I love how they always sing Wonderboy, though, it's like one of the constants of Super Junior that never change -- their sheer dorkery that shines through all the dusty grey clouds in your life (especially in Nanjing). I lol really hard when the first thing Sungmin does when he comes back on to the stage is to go straight for the remote lying on the stage and command it to flip and bedazzle. Despite having performed this song so many times, someone forgets to sing their line and it throws off everybody else, lolol, until Donghae is a genius and comes in on time for his line. So much fail all around. Teuk equips himself oddly, in the opposite manner of a mother hen - with a duck hat and chick slippers? Boy is trying to stay young. More pictures at Gem's post. Donghae acquires a pair of blue mittens too :D they clash horribly with his sparkly red bow though :|

They gather for one last talk and walkabout to say thank you to everyone. Hyukjae is carrying his little sparkly spastic toy car about. They reach the main stage and Zhou Mi and Henry come out. Henry starts talking in Chinese which sounds pretty awful and which I love him for because it sounds like the way I speak Chinese. During his speech, Heechul gets fascinated by bling bling multi-coloured toy car in Hyuk's arms and wants to see its powers. So Hyuk puts it down and shows off its driving skills and Heechul is all O.o very impressed and Hyuk is proud and then Heechul starts jabbing at Zhou Mi, who's all "I'm Zhou Mi" and for some reason everyone starts imitating him. He's pulled to the front and then he trips over the little spastic toy car and goes "oh!" whereupon Hyukjae screams out this CRY OF PAIN "OHHHHH!!!!" AND PICKS UP THE TOY CAR IMMEDIATELY AND CUDDLES IT TO HIS CHEST IN DISTRESS AND IT IS THE BEST FUCKING MOMENT OF THE ENTIRE CONCERT.

I. I don't even. We rewatched this so much. WATCH IT. Hear Eunhyuk's cry of utter woe over his spastic toy car ;alksdja;lskdjas;dlkj why are they like this?! Also, during the walkabout, Heechul's like this perfect gentlemen idek how he manages to catch all the stuff the fans throw at him, but equips himself with not one, but two shopping bags (designed by his fans with his 希 logo written in pretty calligraphy to put the fangifts into. I am pretty amazed, because every time he caught something he made eye contact with the fan and did a little bow/points/fires a gun with his hand/something like that, as if to say "Thanks dude I got your present, man, hella head bomb awesome!" I think Heechul loves China as much as China loves him, probably because they stroke his ego so much.

Oh my god, I think I'm done with this. /falls over If you somehow manage to read it you can have a cookie. Several cookies. I'm going to take a nap. This took me several days to write and I'm still jetlagged. Hit me up if anyone wants links to fancams or something, I have this bunch of Sungmin focused ones on hand. Who said anything about being biased? Pfffbt.

Date: 2010-11-21 12:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

Date: 2010-11-21 04:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
it was a pretty sparkly red bow. idek eeteuk is such a girl XD

Date: 2010-11-21 12:57 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

hell, the way this boy dances, he has wings for feet! Or at least a pair of really bouncy springs
SO TRUE. I have no idea where the man gets his energy from a;lskjf;alsjd but god it must have been amazing to see Hyuk and Donghae dance together hmeneh hmeneh *_______*

I think Heechul loves China as much as China loves him, probably because they stroke his ego so much.
BAHAHAHA. I love your observations. Randomly, I miss you~

Date: 2010-11-21 04:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Eunhyuk's energy >>> Donghae's energy. Both of them will be fantastic in bed. I hope. I don't know, I swear somebody had too much sugar. Or too many shots of tequila, idk XD

You like my observations? As biased as they are? :D Tee hee. I'm glad. I miss you too ;_; our timings have not been matching lately :(

Date: 2010-11-21 01:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HEECHUL AND KYUHYUN!!11!!! The mittens, the string between them, the making kissyfaces and canoodling eeeeek my heart cannot take it. And I love how classy Heechul is with the water bottles compared to Eunhae's madness (what I would give though to be sprayed by Hyuk - I mean, ANYWAY). I WANT A CASANOVA, PRZ.

Lastly. I love how you guys were in a threesome XDDDDDDD

Date: 2010-11-22 01:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
isn't it the cutest shit ever ))))))):

heechul is classy like NONE OF THOSE HOS.

well, I'll have to agree. anything to have Hyuk's water sprayed on me. *waggles eyebrows*

you can come and make it a foursome. there's always space for more. especially when it comes to super junior.
Edited Date: 2010-11-22 01:33 pm (UTC)

Date: 2010-11-21 03:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
....I think I nearly died at your "Donghae was playing the flute all wrong".

Date: 2010-11-22 01:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lmao, I laid the smackdown on him pretty hard eh.

Date: 2010-11-21 08:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I IS STILL ENVIOUS. god, u should have seen me when i 1st saw mimi's solo fancam - i was in the sch library and i couldn't scream my joy and frustration i almost wanted to chuck my netbook off the 10th floor balcony XD u gals had so much fun!! i totally wanna go to another of suju's concerts~~

Date: 2010-11-22 01:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lolol why would you watch it in there!!! I would wait till I got home then flipped my shit.

I wish you could go too. hope they have a US one in the works, although it's probably not gonna happen. more asia tours when we're all around, please.

Date: 2010-11-21 10:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
COOKING COOKING!!! OMG, thanks again for showing me the fancam (^_____^) soooooo cute aljksdhfajd! Also I really wanna see Sungmin's tattoo too XDDDD but I'm sooooo sad that Heechul didn't have a solo performance and Lady HeeHee performance (T_T) I just watched the fancam of Eunhyuk and his toy car and I saw Sungmin and Shindong being SO CUTE! >___< I'm really glad that you went to the concert and had lots of fun!! (and to tell me all about it heehee *^0^*) Next time, we shall go together~~ :))))

Date: 2010-11-22 01:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
omg, fancams are so freaking ridiculous these days. you, of all people know exactly what I want to do if I'm in the same room as Sungmin.

I'm still rather heartbroken about Poker Face/Single LAdies. But oh well. I don't know if I'll have survived seeing them shake their... you know, in front of me.

Hopefully we'll manage to be in Korea or something when the next tour rolls around, ahahahahaha.

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