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Recently I've discovered this Korean indie band called Lucid Fall. By recently I mean two months ago, at least. Wiki describes his musical style as pop, folk and bossanova, the last of which probably explains why I like him so much. I've always have had this thing for bossanova. I came across him on one of my music rotation journals, maybe with a reference to Nell, this other Korean indie rock band I really like and have pimped on here before, but oh hey, for all I know I probably clicked on a random link and got lucky. I've already pimped them out to Gem, and I figured I might as well pimp them out here.

I love Lucid Fall. His voice is soothing and the guitar chills me out. Maybe I'm way too easy for a guy serenading me on a guitar, but good music is good music nevermind whether the lyrics are in a language I understand or if there are any lyrics at all. Some of the songs make me wish I knew what he's actually singing about because it sounds like something I would like to get to know.

Why do I need feet when I have wings to fly is one of my favourite tracks on the first album. There are no vocals in this, only guitars. There's a song on the second album that has sounds like quacking ducks at the end that always makes me sit up and listen. This is a review someone else wrote, which I stumbled across trying to get my hands on more Lucid Fall music one day.

But listen to the first album first. Ignore Track 8. You will find out why I say this when your curiousity gets the better of you.
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