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So this is for rorie and everyone else on my tlist because it was really hard to give proper instructions over twitter ._. and I'm rather OCD abotu getting the nuances right.

Aspirin/Yogurt/Honey face mask(+scrub)
***Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin, obviously.

- Uncoated aspirin (cheaper, don't need the coated ones)
- Plain yogurt (absolutely NO FLAVOURING unless you want your skin doing weird things. I prefer using the NON-non-fat ones, I feel like they make thicker, better masks.)
- Honey

I use a mortar and pestle to make the mask, its convenient for grinding and mixing the ingredients.

1. grind up 3-8 tabs of aspirin (especially if coated) or soften with 2-3 drops of water or lemon juice
2. add half teaspoon of yogurt
3. add half teaspoon of honey

Apply to face and let dry, I usually leave it on for at least 10 minutes, I leave it on up to 30 minutes. Aspirin by itself will be dehydrating, and make you sneeze if you put too much of it under your nose XD

Wash off like a scrub, the aspirin bits will be like an exfoliating wash, FEEL GOOD~ My skin always feels nice and soft and pampered. I usually use about 4-5tabs of aspirin, I started with 3, but near my period I up it to 6-8, or whenever I feel like I need a deep cleansing >.>

→ I looked masks up as well when I was reading about about homemade remedies for stubborn bumps on my snug piercing (grind up aspirin and adding a couple of drops of lemon juice to make a paste and apply, which might also be a good spot-remedy for drying up pimples as well, although usually I just use my mask and the salicylic acne gels after to deal with pimples)

→ amount of yogurt and honey can be adjusted to fit the amount of mask you need for your face, whether you prefer a runny mask or not... I personally prefer it not being runny, so I use as little yogurt and honey as possible.

→ aspirin: helps exfoliate, does the same thing as the salicylic acid treatments, I kind of forgot but wiki will have the answer
→ yogurt: has lactic acid, which also exfoliates, and moisturizes
→ honey: bactericidal and moisturizes, SMELLS GOOD

Also, I've also tried variations using the clay mask (with avocado, oatmeal, kaolin clay) i bought from the store in addition to the above ingredients, and it works as a thicker mask but also dries much faster so I want to wash it off after 10 minutes because I feel my face cracking XD

Masks are such a nice luxury after I shower ;; routines, I love them. This is why I don't ever get anything else done -- too busy pampering myself after work. Whoo. Still, i think my skin's better these days because I've been sleeping more, sleeping regularly, and I eat better and exercise more by climbing stairs and walking home from work \o/ Been working out maybe once or twice a week on my yoga mat and stuff, lost 5 pounds and really think it needs to stop though, but being active is nice after feeling like I've been hibernating for several winters.

Work has been reasonably challenging and fun, even :D Now to think about what comes next and not miss any more chances!
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