Jul. 6th, 2010

kyrin: (kangin :|)
after resisting the urge to rant about it for so long, i'll try to keep it short and succinct.

omona, shut the fuck up already.

→ being fat is ok, yes I get that.
→ surely there are many different types of fat - when it borders on unhealthy obesity, wanting to lose that weight is surely ok?
→ stop judging on the girlfriend when you don't know her reasons for wanting him to lose weight.
→ dude I totally would break up with a guy if I thought he was eating his way into early cardiac arrest. sorry to say, asian dating is not about ~*true love*~ and all that jazz, there is a very ingrained sense of practicality. if it is true love and sacrifices must be made, I will respect that, but do respect the other side of it too.
→ she didn't get back with him after losing 10kg. she got back with him after 20kg. have they ever considered there are other reasons that she got back together with him? perhaps some determination, effort? it's not just numbers.
→ also, it's not as if shindong doesn't know how it feels to be fat and judged for being fat. seriously now, people.


rather unrelated to the above, but for the love of whatever higher power, do I hate getting hit on by men at work. or in general.

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