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maybe we're fallin' in the crazy love

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Birthdate:May 28
Location:Michigan, United States of America
kiss me deadly

girl - awkward converse-donning music lover; life permanently in transit; long bohemian skirts and sand coloured wedges; long island teas with double shots of vodka; driving five hours just to see people's faces; no one really cares about this do they; INFP; pansexual; no doubt a huge spazzball; occasional bitch; totally less refined than you think etc tl;dr

fandoms - Ikuta Toma, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Kanjani8, Super Junior, TRAX, SNSD, SHINee, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Alice Nine, SID

music - 孙燕姿, 陶喆, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Alice Nine, SID, HYDE, VAMPS, S.O.A.P., Shiina Ringo, Spitz, Amuro Namie, Maaya Sakamoto, KAT-TUN, TOKIO, Hisaishi Joe, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, Epik High, DBSK, Super Junior, TRAX, NELL, Lucid Fall, Nemesis, Justin Timberlake, Thievery Cooperation, Ingrid Michealson, The Postal Service, Hey Ocean!, Cobra Starship, EBM/Industrial/Goth/Electro, Bossa nova and Jazz, big band sounds

drama - Majo Saiban, Mr Brain, Voice, Hanakimi, Hana Yori Dango I & II, Kurosagi, Nobuta wo Produce, Akihabara@Deep, Honey and Clover, Maou, Dragon Zakura, Anego, Good Luck!!, Pride, Kimi wa Petto, Gokusen I, Yasuko to Kenji, Tatta Hitotsu no Koi, Nodame Cantabile, Mei-chan no Shutsuji, Proposal Daisakusen

tv - The Mentalist, House, Dexter

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it was nothing at all that I loved too much
-- SPIN, "Crazy Love"

ki-rin (qi-lin) is a mythical hooved chimerical beast of Eastern origins that is said to be a peaceful and gentle creature that is often viewed as a good omen and bringer of 瑞(prosperity). They are also said to be able to make a man a king or bring down a tyrant. (Inspired by the Anime Twelve Kingdoms)

Jimmy Mackey told Toma that I'm a groupie with no boobs.

they see us rollin'... they hatin'
one tequila two tequila three tequila floor
the world looks better down a nose
why do they smashing cake in face?
classier than the rest of your hos




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androgyny is queen, annoying the flist, beatbox is the crack, blond!curly-haired pi, caffeine queen, clamp made me gay, cobra starship is skank, cox/sarcasm = otp, devouring manga at 12345km/hr, donghae's standard of hot, dork!yamapi, dorkism is my religion, eeteuk's hard life, emo!akame, eunhyuk's standard of fail, evangelion=mindfuck, funkin with franz, gits makes me smarter, going into butterfly's sleep, heechul's standard of crazy, hyde owns my soul, hyde/tetsu69/soap/acid android, i love singlish how, ikemen paradise bay-beh, jaejoong's awkward face, je boy's silly perms, jumping ikuta toma, junno's neverending legs, kokame makes me coo, koki's mmm piercings, kyat-tun hanging out, kyuhyun's standards of insolence, least resistant paths, let's bounce uh j-da-o-da-k-da-e-da-r!, living on chocolate, looping l'arc songs, making love not wank, morbidly interested in death, mr postman koyama, muse is feeling good, ot3 is akamepi, pin is win, pin on the downlow, pop orchestra music, pretend-goth, pretty dorky boys, question i has, ridiculous verbose verbing, shaggy!jin, smexy!dancing jin, snarkbitchy!ryo, sometimes i watch jdorama, sungmin's standard of cute, talking to shace 24/7, tanakanishi=sekrit ot3, terry pratchett/neil gaiman=otp, the yoko kisses toma
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