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I'm kind of playing catchup with the SJM comeback, and decided to make a link list so I know where to get my shows and performances ;; I'm going to link whatever I have right now, will add to it because I have two months to backtrack, and if you wanna be nice to me please link me stuff I'm missing and even fancams of excellent quality of your favourite member, I will love you forever ;~; I aspire to make this a handy link post o/ I am also in the process of ripping all the damn files from youtube or tudou and storing them away, in case people start taking them off, and that case I will share the goodies in private so we can all flail together. Ho hum. I wonder if there are places to actually get the HQ videos, but I'm too lazy to look. These days ripping off youtube is enough when I'm too lazy to try and see their pores o/

will refine and rearrange when there is more sun out )


Nov. 22nd, 2010 08:25 am
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guess who just did her laundry at six in the morning? me. I think I got up before the construction behind my house had a chance to start, ahaha fuck them.

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