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It has been a terrible time trying to focus tonight, what with switching between AWESOME autocorrect!arthur/eames fic and, between looking for prompts for [ profile] delacrymosa and me actually writing my LAST TWO WEEKS OF PROMPTS -- fuck, I've been stressed out over work okay but now I have no excuse (fml how about leftover laundry from three weeks ago that needs to be done?)

BUT --

RT @zhouminews: NEWS ♫ 110614 Apple Daily: This year, Zhou Mi will be releasing a fashion reference book with dressing tips and tricks for men.



sob. I love my stupid bimbotic fandom sometimes

can I please have an icon of Zhou Mi with his Miss Chic chicken/windmill hands idek anymore --
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I'm kind of playing catchup with the SJM comeback, and decided to make a link list so I know where to get my shows and performances ;; I'm going to link whatever I have right now, will add to it because I have two months to backtrack, and if you wanna be nice to me please link me stuff I'm missing and even fancams of excellent quality of your favourite member, I will love you forever ;~; I aspire to make this a handy link post o/ I am also in the process of ripping all the damn files from youtube or tudou and storing them away, in case people start taking them off, and that case I will share the goodies in private so we can all flail together. Ho hum. I wonder if there are places to actually get the HQ videos, but I'm too lazy to look. These days ripping off youtube is enough when I'm too lazy to try and see their pores o/

will refine and rearrange when there is more sun out )
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sobs so [ profile] anamuan tells me she can see the hearts in my eyes

and I think she's got it right

but I'm just really, really, really --


so, I'm definitely going to be spamming for a while, sorry, but I waited FOUR YEARS FOR HER COMEBACK AND I AM JUST SO HAPPY I'M BOUNCING OFF WALLS O/
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So this is for rorie and everyone else on my tlist because it was really hard to give proper instructions over twitter ._. and I'm rather OCD abotu getting the nuances right.

Aspirin/Yogurt/Honey face mask(+scrub)
***Do not use if you are allergic to aspirin, obviously.

aspirin mask )
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ok, maybe not all, how about: fucking hell, I died and went to heaven? I absolutely LOVE the Korean version of this song, and I love the Chinese version almost more but also in an entirely different way.
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shrieking alskjda;lskdj want to touch that tummy ngl )
...why, why, WHY. fuck my life and my awesome fandom


Dec. 17th, 2010 01:33 am
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oh, I'm actually posting when I'm not being an angry insomniac! whoo!

this is just to up [ profile] girlearthless with a video of this. which I'm sure she has seen before, but needs to see again.

other songs. )


Nov. 22nd, 2010 08:25 am
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guess who just did her laundry at six in the morning? me. I think I got up before the construction behind my house had a chance to start, ahaha fuck them.

creepface. )
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I get the feeling that this is either gonna be a really skimpy concert report, or a really rambly one. I'm totally the type who gets lost in the pure emotion of a moment and remember the most random details or none at all /o\ Let it be know I'm really bad at spotting shippy moments, and make remarks like a pervy ten yo boy. This is why there are fancams out there >) Also expect hairgasms. I'm sure I'm going to reread this in a year and facepalm like crazy and probably attempt to delete it from the universe but whatever makes me happy now I will enjoy it :D

Seriously, I don't know how to write this at all. Maybe you should read Gem's more concise and organized post. She has embedded picture and fancams, while I'm just gonna be a lazy ass and link.
i'm not kidding when I say this is a wall of text. )
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I figured I would upload pictures while I still have an internet connection in Nanjing, because I know I would take forever to get around to doing so when I'm back in the US otherwise. I really should be sleeping now though, but I figure I have a 5-hour bus ride up to Huangshan on which I can nap, so here we go~

nanjing part one )


Aug. 28th, 2010 03:12 pm
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this seems like it has happened a while back too, but I have eight dreamwidth invites. does anybody want one?
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Los Angeles Intl (LAX)
Los Angeles, CA
Arrives: 09/01/2010 at 7:32 P.M.

Los Angeles Intl (LAX)
Los Angeles, CA
Departs: 09/08/2010 at 9:05 A.M.

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after resisting the urge to rant about it for so long, i'll try to keep it short and succinct.

omona, shut the fuck up already.

→ being fat is ok, yes I get that.
→ surely there are many different types of fat - when it borders on unhealthy obesity, wanting to lose that weight is surely ok?
→ stop judging on the girlfriend when you don't know her reasons for wanting him to lose weight.
→ dude I totally would break up with a guy if I thought he was eating his way into early cardiac arrest. sorry to say, asian dating is not about ~*true love*~ and all that jazz, there is a very ingrained sense of practicality. if it is true love and sacrifices must be made, I will respect that, but do respect the other side of it too.
→ she didn't get back with him after losing 10kg. she got back with him after 20kg. have they ever considered there are other reasons that she got back together with him? perhaps some determination, effort? it's not just numbers.
→ also, it's not as if shindong doesn't know how it feels to be fat and judged for being fat. seriously now, people.


rather unrelated to the above, but for the love of whatever higher power, do I hate getting hit on by men at work. or in general.
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[ profile] xplodey_di wrote me texts of d00m (kyumin + others) for my birthday.

(sungmin to shindong) kyu's underwear in zhou mi's room. as a friend, how am i supposed to feel about this?

(shindong to sungmin) omfg tmi


alksjdalksdhj it is hilarious my life is so awesome right now ♥♥♥ brb going to starbucks to glomp her in person!!!

di, "you are terrifying and devious and I love you for it"!!!!!!!

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